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  • How to reach Calcata

    With car:
    From Rome's "great ring road" (Grande Raccordo Anulare): exit 5 - S. S. 2bis Cassia V. (Veientana) -, exceed the third exit for Campagnano Romano, after 200 m turn straight into the exit for Mazzano Romano, and follow the indications for Calcata.
    Or else, Flaminia Road (Via Flaminia) in direction-Civita Castellana as far as Rignano Flaminio, then follow the indications for Faleria-Calcata.
    From Viterbo, follow S. S. 2 Cassia or the more panoramical Cassia Cimina in direction- Rome, exceed Monterosi, turn straight into the exit for Mazzano Romano-Trevignano, and follow the indications for Calcata.

    By Motorway (Autostrada)
    From north: A1, exit for Magliano Sabina, just out of the exit-S. S. 3 Flaminia in direction-Rome, then follow the indications for Faleria-Calcata.
    From east or south: Motorway (Autostrada) until Rome's "great ring road" (Grande Raccordo Anulare), then see above. If you want to avoid the G. R. A.: connecting road to A1 direction-Florence, then exit for Magliano Sabina.

    The most panoramical road:
    Both if you came on here by car, motorbike or bicycle, surely the most interesting and panoramical road is the one which starts from Prima Porta, direction-Sacrofano, Magliano Romano, and Calcata.

    By public transport


    The hours of the public transport from Rome to Calcata have no brackets (on the time-table).
    The hours before which there is the abbreviation F. R. N. refer to the extra-urban trains with departure from Piazzale Flaminio's Station of Rome-North's Railway and connection to Rignano Flaminio.
    The other hours refer to the COTRAL pullman, in departure from Saxa Rubra's terminus. The pullman-trips to Calcata almost always arrive to Civita Castellana, and sometimes Calcata is not marked on the pullman's table; Almost each one of these trips uses to run S. S. 2 Cassia bis, except the ones where route is specified.
    You can arrive to Saxa Rubra by the ATAC 232 line, with terminus at Piazza Mancini, or by the urban trains of Rome-North's Railway, with terminus at Piazzale Flaminio.
    The hour between the brackets refers to the departure, from Piazzale Flaminio, of the last urban train useful to take the COTRAL pullman to which the next hour is related.


    (6,46) 7,00 -- (9,01) 9,20 -- (11,51) 12,15 -- (12,46) 13,15 (Cassia vecchia) -- (14,02) 14,25 -- (14.50) 15,10 -- FRN 16,10 -- (17.01) 17,25 --(17,40) 18,00 -- FRN 18,12 -- FRN 19,00 -- (19,58) 20,30 .


    (08,20) 9,00 -- (18,30) 19,10



    The hours of the public transport from Calcata have no brackets (on the time-table).
    Some trips are not direct to Saxa Rubra, but to Settevene.
    For the indirect trips the hour between brackets refers to the stage at Settevene of the first pullman useful for Rome-Saxa Rubra (ask to the driver which route he has to run along, in order to avoid the routes passing through Campagnano and La Storta).

    5,05 (via Flaminia) -- 5,10 (Campagnano) -- 5,35 -- 6,10 -- 6,20 (Cassia vecchia fra Olgiata e La Storta) -- 6,35 -- 6,50 -- 13,05 (13,50) -- 13,55 (14,40) -- 14,05 (14,40)) --14,50 -- 16,25 --17,05 -- 17,25 (18,35).


    7,00 -- 17,25

    How to reach our house and the rooms

    How to reach the houses


    The picture below will help you to understand where to park, without problems.
    In correspondence of the heavy tipe lines, the parking is always free.
    Farther the no-parking sign-board, in direction to the place, the parking is free, except sundays/public and pre-sundays/public holidays.
    Instead, parking along the provincial road, you may risk penalty or removal.