Artisans's ateliers

la Ciarla®
It has its showroom right besides the arch (La Bocchetta), which is the only entrance to the village, and there you can find its characteristic inlaid furniture made with full wood.
La Ciarla is a family business, the capital of memories, the profound craftsmanship together with modern necessities, creates a product cared for in every detail and of high quality.
Every item is made unique by the style, the top quality wood and the hand-made tiles, witness of a very personal taste which is insensible to fashion's moods.
Our inlaid tables are composed of wood dowels of various essences tended piece by piece. The planning's research of styles and colours makes it possible to choose amongst many varieties and to obtain a product of great value which characterises every room.
Most of our products are patented and all of them have our trademark fire-marked.
For information ++390761587292

la Soffitta
It is an atelier grown in time thanks to Patrizia's creativity and ability. Its peculiarity is the matching between antique and modern which is made smooth when melted by Patrizia experience and boldness. The showroom, digged in tufa, has been renewed and it's perfect for the textile creations which are in.
Very peculiar and trendy at the same the time the trousers, skirts and dresses which have inserted antique laces, blouse and shirts in transparent laces; coats with ultramodern textile and coloured laces; and again antique laces and non which are proposed as centre-pieces or curtains of all dimension or lampshade.
All of this is la Soffitta.

Arsenico e Vecchi Merletti
The shop (photo) of the marquess Anna Capece Minutolo since 1980 proposes antique lace, perfumed essences, very particular article of clothing, dried flowers, perfumed candles and esclusive jewels.

Vecchie Cose
It's worth a visit even if only for its suggestive showroom and storehouse (photo). In fact the shop is situated at the end of the gallery which is the only way to get into the village and you can find antique pieces, furniture restored by Fabio Di Sora himself, curiosities and rare pieces for collecting.
The storehouse is in the middle of the gallery right under Calcata's Palazzo Baronale, you can find epoch pottery and glasses sets, phonographs, old signs, etc.