The Piazzetta
Our menu speaks -or rather sings- of: antipasti prepared by hand, homemade pastas with country ingredients, florentine steaks from adult bovine (razza chianina), free service -along with the very simpatico engagement of the owner Gianluca- all included in the price.
Open for lunch and dinner every day except Mondays.
Via S.Giovanni 47 - Reservations: tel. 0761/588078 - 335/6682776
Carte di Credito: Bancomat, Visa, Diners, American Express, Circuito Moneta

La Latteria del GattoNero
La Latteria del Gatto Nero('The Dairy of the Black Cat') one of the oldest places in Calcata. The cats are present in paintings, furniture, and various objects all over the restaurant.
Our menu ranges from the vegetable Lasagne to the Polenta with Small Celeries and Sausage; from the spicy 'Penne al Gatto Nero' to the Pig's Neck with Apples and Prunes.
From 5:00 PM on Sundays we have Teas, Herb Teas, and homemade deserts.
Open from Friday evening to Sunday evening, reservations recommended by Friday morning. Tel. 0761/588015

La Grotta dei Germogli
La Grotta dei Germogli (Cave of the Sprouts) is a multi-functional place where one can: listen to live-music; join creative workshops; work in mosaics; be part of Art shows; take part in projected film series; organize birthday parties (or weddings, anniversaries, meetings or seminars); or simply drink a nice tea, aperitif, or play a game of chess; discover new friendships; even fall in love; and of course, also where you can experience Pancho's cuisine of good health and great fantasy. Tel.0761588003 - 3281680109 - 3338383111

La fata del borgo
La fata del borgo it's a place when you can eat homemade traditional and etnics food on marvellus openspace seeing the Treja valley ,to listen the river voice and bird songs...
We are open in the afternoon too for drink tea ,coffee, home made cake.
Life music is plays friday evening .
Free space in your showroom for artistics friend
Infoline 3337502045 /0761587719 - email

'The Grail' the old town (of Calcata)
Specialties: homemade pasta, deserts, and fowl.
Via Garibaldi 9 - Tel.0761 587666

I Tre Monti da Adolfino
Adolfino....true Calcata eating experience, prepares excellent fettuccine with Porcini Mushrooms and Tagliatelle with Cheese and Pepper; among the main courses, a tasty boar stew. Closed on Tuesdays.
Piazza Roma 11 - Tel. 0761 587998

La sala dei 201 thé
"La Sala" offers more than 200 kinds of tea from all over the world, served with fine local pasteries.
Open also during the week.
For information: tel 0761/589415

Pizzeria del Borgo
Among the many "tasty" possibilities offered by the village restaurants, there is the rustic and attractive "Pizzeria del Borgo" tucked away in a side street. Its menu includes all of sorts of unusual pizzas, such as Pizza Alessia, Pizza Calcatese, Pizza with zucchini flowers - as well as the usual french fries and a variety of local sweet rolls and cookies.
Via San Giovanni n°12.